Sunday, 6 January 2019


I really struggled with my work life balance last year, in fact there was no balance, it was just work work work. I would be in the office for around 06.30 and not getting home until around 18.30, 12 hour shifts a lot of the time with hardly any holidays, I took my first week off in August last year, August! I had a couple of long weekends, one in March and one June but that was it. Ridiculous. I had no one else to blame but myself for being stupid enough to do it. Getting tonsillitis twice last year (and the first time ever) still didn't get me to realise I was doing way too much. Having the break off over Christmas for 2 weeks really brought some joy back in to my life and I actually enjoyed being off relaxing rather than it being mandatory on my weekends to do nothing because I was that exhausted.

It also hit home to me how selfish I was doing those hours, I would come home knackered or just down right angry at what had unfolded that day in work and my poor husband would get the rants about it when all he wanted to do was relax after a hard days work. Our weekends were also very much uninspiring, consisted of me staying in my PJs all morning until I had the energy to walk the dog, get home, back into PJs, takeaway and a film then in bed by 10pm! I mean it doesn't sound like a hoot at all does it ? Sure it's nice to have lazy cosy weekends like that but not allll the time. 
I was living to work. I want to work to live. 

My passion for blogging also came back, I really want to build my blog and audience up as it's something I felt so passionate about before but work got in the way, it became stressful so I deleted my blog completely with almost 1k followers but I just wasn't happy. Here I am starting again from scratch, I would loooove to have your support.

How am I going to better plan or create a work / life balance?

I've bought a brand new 2019 planner which I'm completing in advance to note blog post ideas and schedule them in for which day each post will go live so I stay as organised as possible. Each week I have jotted down a motivational quote to keep me inspired and push me to keep going.
I am determined to cut my hours right back and even try to work from home once a week if I can, that means I will have a bit of a lie in once a week. I work with one of my best friends and she is going to keep me in check if I start falling back into the same routine of long hours which is great. I'm hoping by not doing as many hours will give me some energy back and make me want to do things. I want to travel a lot more, even if it's just weekend trips close by, as long as it's doing something and creating great memories. 

I'd love to know what your work/life balance is like and how do you maintain it ? Leave your comments below for me to have a read :)




  1. I'm so glad to hear that your passion for blogging came back! I also struggled a lot last year and took 4 months off. I think it's important to have these periods, they make our minds clearer.

    Mariya |

    1. It really is, it gave me a lot more motivation taking time away from it and coming back with a clearer head x

  2. I'm glad you're getting more of a balance, doing 12 hour days are not the one! I look forward to your future content, I've always loved your blog and photos xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. It's so lovely to hear you're getting on top of the perfect balance, such a lovely post Hun I loved reading it so much! :)

    Grace Louise ||

    1. Aw thanks so much for taking the time to read it x

  4. Starting a new planner is so satisfying. I love the idea of adding a motivational quote to each week! :]

    // Carmen

    1. I know I was quite pleased with myself doing that haha x


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