Thursday, 3 January 2019

StylPro Brush Cleaner Review

I really enjoy cleaning and tidying, in fact I actually get excited to the point I can't sleep if I know I have some new organisation bits or cleaning products being delivered... welcome to adult life! One thing I don't get any excitement or joy out of is cleaning my make up brushes, that to me has always been a chore and will put it off until I have no make up brushes left.

That is until this little beauty has come into my life StylPro Brush Cleaner I seen some Youtubers get this for Christmas and seen numerous tweets about it so decided to purchase it whilst it was in the sale on Look Fantastic. I genuinely couldn't wait to get it as my brushes were badly needing cleaned so getting a new gadget made me actually want to clean them!

The StylPro comes with 8 different attachments to fit all of your make up brushes which then attaches to the device, also included were 2 sachets of the StylPro Cleanser which is aaaamazing I have already purchased a bottle of this as my brushes were clean sooo quickly with this. As there were only 2 sachets I could only do a small amount of my brushes. I then went on to use No7 brush cleanser which was no match to the StyPro, they took way longer to clean. See below the before and after which I used with the StylPro Cleanser 

Not only does this clean your brushes really quickly with half the effort than sitting at the sink cleaning and scrubbing them, they also dry with zero effort at all and can be used straight away. I mean whaaaat this is completely mind boggling to me and don't know why or how I hadn't heard of such a delightful gadget before now. This has genuinely taken the dread of brush cleaning away from me and I'm actually excited to use it again. I am pretty sure the novelty will eventually wear off but I am going with it for now whilst the excitement lasts.

You can pick this up from various places, just do a little google search, it comes in at £40.00 and you can also get it in a gift set along with limited edition designs. I went for the standard kit as it was half price so got it for £20 and it's the best twenty quid I have spent in a long time.

Do you own one of these? Has this inspired you to go out and get one ? Let me know in the comments below.




  1. This looks such a life saving product! Will add it on my wishlist! <3

  2. This sounds absolutely amazing! I have seen this everywhere but keep putting off buying it but you have really sold me! Cleaning brushes is sooooo annoying so anything to help make it a little easier is very welcomed haha. I'll be sure to check out the cleaner as well, I keep buying some from superdrug but it's just not doing the trick.

    Jordanne //

    1. I absolutely love it - genuinely don't know why i didn't get something like this sooner. x

  3. The results are impressive! I'd like to try this as washing my brushes is my least favourite beauty chore...

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. same, it was such a chore now it's kinda fun doing it, I just sit and watch tv whilst doing it lol x


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