Sunday, 20 January 2019


I was having a browse through ASOS and realised they done some miniature beauty products from Too Faced and Smashbox which I've been looking to buy for a while so was in a treat yo' self kinda mood and then I came across this little set on ASOS in the sale and thought you know what I'm going to try that out... strictly for blog purposes is what I told myself. 

I didn't even know ASOS done their own make up, is it just me who didn't know that? I wonder what caught my eye? Was it the pink packaging? Definitely Yes. I am such a sucker for anything pink and cute, the marketing works wonders on people like me. This set was just £12.50, what an absolute bargain, full price was £25.00. I've tried to find the link for it but unfortunately it's out of stock. You can buy them all individually here, all products are in the sale so still getting a bargain.

Eyebrow Palette 

This come with a wax and 2 powder shades, a universal taupe shade and a deeper brown. I've only used the taupe shade and really like it, I don't use it all that often as it seems to take me ages to do my brows with powder. I usually use my Soap & Glory pencil which takes me seconds to do 

Translucent Powder

I'm not going to lie, I'm not a fan of this I used it very lightly on my skin as I was worried about a white cast on my face and my face was so oily by the end of the day. I don't ever really get oily skin, this could of been a combo of the foundation I was testing out but I still don't think it was that great. I used it for a second time with a more heavy hand and my face looked pale af! Sadly wont be using this again :( 

Contour Palette 

This is a beaut isn't it ? I love a little trio contour palette, I use my Smashbox one quite a bit but thought this could be good for every day wear as it's a lot cheaper. I've used this both fair and tanned and it definitely looks a lot better when I'm tanned as the bronzer shade is quite warm it looks to harsh on my pale skin but perfect when I have a tan. Same with the highlighter it's a rose gold shade and looks so much better when I'm tanned, I'd definitely re-purchase this 


The mascara is so nice, it's a big wand so one of those you need to be a little more careful with otherwise it's all over the ol' eyelids but it takes very little effort to coat my lashes with this. I have only worn it at weekends for short periods of time so need to test it on a working day to see how it performs and if I get any fall out with it. 


The primer is a creamy lightweight texture feels very moisturising, I need to use it with various foundations to really put it to the test. I didn't notice a huge improvement wearing this but then again it didn't ruin my make up either. I'm just a bit whatever about this don't love it but don't dislike it. It's on sale for £3.00 just now, just £3.00! If you're looking for a cheap one just to try out then why not, it doesn't cost a fortune. 

Overall I do really like most of ASOS beauty products and want to try out some of their lipsticks next and see if they are worth a shout or not. If you're looking for something cheap and isn't rubbish I'd defo give them a try. Just stay clear of the translucent powder lol. 

Have you tried ASOS Make Up before? Let me know in the comments below 




  1. OMG I never knew they do makeup actually! This was so informative, thanks girl!

    x Lisa |

  2. I love the look of everything here, but for similar reasons to you; the packaging haha! The pink is super pretty. That contour trio looks like it'll be perfect for the Summer!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I know right haha ! Such a sucker for pretty packaging !

  3. That contour looks so pretty. x


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